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Phone +53 7 833 5128


Address: c/17, 1422 -entre 26 y 28- Apto 1. 10400 El Vedado. La Habana. Cuba

We are at your disposal for every info request you may have. We will answer in less than 24 hours.

La Casa de Ana


Looking after our guests for 20 years now

A cuban family

Something else than touristic cuba

The best place to stay

El Vedado: get the most of your nights

The ideal house

Modern, secure, comfortable

- Tips and Hits gotten for our guests experiences, so you can take the most of your staying with us

- Restaurants, night clubs, car rental, organized trips, etc ...We help you locate and book any service or place you want to go in town. We do have a long contact list!

- La Casa de Ana is the house we live in. Perfect for knowing cuban family life first hand.

- Centric: The neighbourhood where the cultural and night life of the city happens. Ten minutes away by taxi from Habana Vieja.

- A quiet place where you can rest without the usual tourism harrasment.

- Ample, aired rooms and a big living room where you can stay comfortably

- The house also has outdoor areas such as a garden and a covered area to relax , enjoy breakfast, etc ...

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Home away from home. Meet people from everywhere

You will perceive, from the very first day, a familiar and respectful relationship as well as our best intereset in helping you. You will never feel different in our home.
La Casa de Ana is a hub where our guests come for dinner, to take advice, organize their countryside trip, or just share a cup of coffee with us and other guests.
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An unforgettable walk along Habana Vieja

Pepe will guide you through the ancient city, as well as tell you amazing stories about the places you're going to see.
It will become a tour that you can not get through either history books or tourism guides.
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Travel along the island relaying on our net of Casas Particulares

Pepe will be in charge of your touristic interests in order to help you in designing the perfect trip
Our 20 years of experience will provide you with safe and professional lodging along the island.
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First class anytime cooking

We guarantee you will enjoy fresh food of the day, prepared to satisfy the most demanding taste.